9 Best Kissing Technique Female Breast

BREAST identical femininity as sexual attention the adam. While the shape and characteristics of the female breast is different, but this still did not reduce the focus and satisfaction of men for looking at, touching, and kissing the sensitive part.

In fact, an experience to say some women can reach climax with just foreplay breast. Now, it's time you learn the best techniques to kiss her breasts to be able to deliver stimulation awesome to all parts of his body, as reviewed How.

1. First of all, the couple kissed the outside of the breast. Make sure you have moist lips while doing so.

2. Kissed her breasts as she slowly directing his lips as close as possible to the nipple. Exhale You just above the nipple, so that he can feel the warmth of your breath.

3. Use the tip of the tongue to circle areolanya. Remember to give equal attention between the right and left breast.

4. Tickling her nipples using the tip of your tongue. Make sure she enjoys the game of your tongue. If she sigh or sudden climax, it means he likes kissing you.

5. When you feel her nipples already tense, point and stab the tip of your tongue into her nipples, while moving the tip of the tongue up and down her nipples. Then, slowly insert the nipple into your mouth. Suction while playing with the tip of your tongue.

6. Squeeze breast meat when you're busy playing with their nipples. Do not forget to stimulate the area under and between her breasts.

7. Let her nipples wet, when you switch to the other breast. Then when you suck the nipple, doing and touching her breasts forcefully pinch.

8. Listen to every desahannya or body movements. If he seemed to enjoy it, then you are allowed to satisfy it at any time.

9. Avoid routine of kissing the same breast. Try a variety of other variations. Remind yourself with a proper kiss with a woman's breasts, then you can give the greatest climax ever gotten.


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