How to Escape from bondage Women Love the Bad Boy

DURING this you may be interested in a relationship with a man bound even the famous bad boy. In fact, this relationship was impressed rise and fall of events that are bad. If so, it seems you get bad boy addict.

Better to disconnect it, the article dating bad boy is a bad habit. Instead, why not start looking for a man who is wise and kind?

To be able to break away from bad boys, Datingtips advise you. Here's what you should do:

Write a list of your bad behavior

Fergie: Outspoken like Destiny Perfume

Fergie happy to be concocting perfumes according to the personality and memories of childhood. Even more make him happy, perfume is made with cosmetics company Avon is like a destiny.

The singer who joined The Black Eyed Peas is working with avon for dispensing Outspoken, her perfume. He admitted, his grandmother was the Avon Lady, that ordinary people offer Avon products direct to consumers (direct selling).

Victoria Beckham's Hottest Bag Design

VICTORIA Beckham may have failed to win the British Fashion Council award for the category of Designer Brand of the Year, but the bag remains the most popular design.

Only 60 minutes after appearing on the site yesterday, shoulder bags from fashion labels that cost 1700 pounds, are sold out. Since then, a crocodile leather bag with chain handle are priced £ 8950 had participated in sold out.

Want Healthy? Come Tonight!

RELATED sex does not just provide matchless pleasure, but it can also nourish the body. Want proof? Come tonight!

Here are 10 reasons that sex can be healthy for the male, as reported by AskMen.

Burn calories

Sex is not necessarily to form the arm and stomach muscles, but sex is able to pump blood to the heart and burn calories. It is estimated that in general sex session can burn 85 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. Imagine how many calories are burned if you do it every day.

Strengthen muscles and bones

Sex produce testosterone that can strengthen muscles and bones. Testosterone is also able to maintain health, mood, fertility and sexual desire.

Effectively prevent cancer

A study found that men who ejaculate on a regular basis approximately 30 percent risk of prostate cancer. The result is the same if you masturbate.

Improving cardiovascular health (heart and
blood vessels)

Sex is another form of exercise, so it makes sense if sex can heal your heart.

Reduce stress

Reduced blood pressure through sexual activity can help lower stress levels. Sex hormones are also able to generate endorphins that can reduce anxiety.

Improving body immunity

Making love regularly can increase the body's immune and help prevent diseases such as flu.

Increasing intimacy

Just before orgasm, the hormone released endorphins and oxytocin, both of which are also called "hormone of love" which strengthens the feeling and confidence in the pair.

Helps relieve pain

Diseases such as headaches and arthritis can be reduced through sex.

Sleep better

The increase in the hormone oxytocin, together with the hormone serotonin antidepressant that helps him sleep better.

Mr P healthier in the long term

Sexual activity makes Mr P used to erect. This is the key to the health of Mr. P in the long term. Those who do not regularly have sex or masturbate more at risk of disease, such as premature ejaculation or other diseases.

WikiLeaks boss: I Can Killed in America

"Legally, the British have a right not to extradite perpetrators of political crimes."

WikiLeaks boss, Julian Assange, insisted would not be extradited from Britain. He claimed to have a good reason.

When interviewed Thursday night, Assange said, most likely he will be killed in a U.S. jail if extradited from Britain on charges of espionage.

He was worried about going to the same boat with Jack Ruby, who was killed in a U.S. prison. Ruby is a nightclub owner who shot Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas police station, Texas - a day after Oswald was arrested on suspicion of killing U.S. President John F Kennedy in 1963. Ruby allegedly linked to organized crime, and sparked conspiracy theories about Kennedy's involvement in the assassination plot.

The Australian Men on sexual harassment cases. But Washington believes Assange concerned because WikiLeaks leaking thousands of wire U.S. diplomatic embassies abroad.

However, the Guardian, Assange says politically, the British could not send it across the Atlantic. According to him, Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to show that his government did not 'co-opted' by the U.S..

"Legally, the British have a right not to extradite perpetrators of political crimes. Espionage is a classic case of political crimes. So, if I am on extradition, was an exception," said Assange like loaded, Friday, December 24, 2010.

U.S. officials, he said, is being run in Bradley Manning, U.S. soldiers suspected of supplying data to WikiLeaks. The entrance to bring an action against Assange.

Previously, Assange said that he and his staff had received death threats WikiLeaks web site since it began to release a step by step secret cable 250 000 U.S. State Department in November.

Now, 39 years man lived in Ellingham Hall, a mansion owned by a colleague in eastern England. He stayed temporarily pending the extradition process that may last for months.

OMG ! Madonna Attract Men ' teenage'

Again and again he popped aka Madonna attracted a younger man. Brahim Zaibat man, now officially become her lover. Zaibat was a dancer in France.

Recently, the pop diva was spotted having dinner with his girlfriend at the Wolseley restaurant, London. When out of the restaurant, Madonna and Zaibat face looks flushed.

Seeing many interpreters news block, these lovers spontaneously separate themselves away from the camera shots. The 52-year artist's face also looks tired.

A witness anonymity, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, saw the couple went home, and into two separate cars.
The 28-year age difference, not making them awkward. They seem intimate.

In an interview, the couple said first met and met on the show clothing label owned by Madonna, last September.

Zaibat, feeling no doubt closer and deeper relationship with the diva. He even felt comfortable, could relate to older women such as Madonna.

"He's very good. Not scary like a monster, like a lot of people say. He's just an ordinary woman, who happens to have popularity, talent and fame," said Brahim Zaibat when interviewed Grazia Magazine.

Face WikiLeaks, CIA Forms Special Unit Interestingly, when abbreviated, the name of the task force was impressed vulgar.

Government of the United States (U.S.) with a furious lunge kick WikiLeaks, a leaked diplomatic memos berkatagori secret since the end of November. Thus, the CIA's intelligence agency formed a special task force to monitor the well designing appropriate measures to overcome WikiLeaks.

According to the Washington Post, gugas task called WikiLeaks Task Force. Interestingly, when abbreviated, the name of the task force was to be WTF.

Abbreviation name of this task force eventually to the attention of mass media. The reason, in the lingua franca, WTF is a negative connotation and vulgar, because it stands for, sorry, What The Fuck.

In English-speaking countries, the word is generally used as an expression of surprise in response to something, usually uttered in a tone swore.

According to the daily The Guardian, WTF team led by anti-terrorism division, but also involve staff among divisions in the body of the CIA. 24-member team was assigned to monitor hundreds of thousands of documents, released by WikiLeaks gradually every day as well as analyze the negative impact of the memo that was leaked.

The investigation is mainly done to see the effect WikiLeaks CIA relations with several countries. Because the number of memos that published the offending WikiLeaks is confidential and CIA operations.

"The director ordered the task force is to check to see if the latest leaked document on the WikiLeaks affect its foreign relations or CIA operations," said CIA spokesman, George Little, Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

Retired CIA agent, who did not want to be named, said that intelligence institutions that have never let the documents they have accessible to outsiders. "They did not even make things accessible to outsiders, that some CIA system works," he said.

Born Men's, Women's Month Later So

Vereeniging - A couple in South Africa are very excited to welcome their baby boy newly born, but one month later, they found out it turns out the baby is female.

Kenny Hiscock at the beginning of his birth has a male gender, according to a report in The Sun.

But four weeks later, his mother Madeleshia (29) and his father Kenneth (30), felt a strange thing.

They eventually returned to the hospital and perform tests to her baby, until finally they find out that the baby is female.

Enlarged organs due to a rare enzyme deficiency that causes excess production of hormones.

Couples who live in Vereeniging now change the name of the baby with McKenzi and thought to operate on gender.

"The doctor told us that actually McKenzi nor male or female, but still in the middle," said Madeleshia as reported by Orange, on Thursday (12/23/2010).

"But we have a beautiful daughter, and we are very proud to have them,"he concluded

So Haiti Orphans 'Christmas Gift' in France 113 Haitian orphans adopted by families in France. "A very nice Christmas gift."

More than 100 orphaned children in Haiti was flown to France Wednesday, December 22, 2010 to meet their new families. This happy family says these children are the Christmas gift came early.
Children who lose their parents in the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year a new winter coat is applied brightly colored. Some of them wrapped in thick blankets while landing at the airport Charles de Gaulle in the worst winter in Europe.

A total of 113 orphans adopted by families in France it is a fortunate than thousands of other orphans in Haiti.

Reportedly, Haiti earthquake killed about 230,000 people, and injuring 300,000, one million people also lost their homes. Meanwhile, thousands of children became orphans at once.

Launch from page Associated Press, the French government has rented a special plane for a family in France who would adopt the children of Haiti. Mother adoption, Isabella Frapat, chose a 15-month-old child named Mael, which he embraced with a hug.

"This is true happiness and it all happens at Christmas time," said Frapat.

"Christmas Gifts a very, very good," said the father of adoption, barque Partube.

The arrival of these orphans are the first arrival of the 300 orphans who will arrive in France. They'll begin his life as a French citizen upon arrival at the airport. The next flight is expected to be done tomorrow.

Adoption by the French people finally realized this after his family urged the government to accelerate the adoption of bureaucratic procedures.

Previously, the issue of international adoptions become a sensitive issue in Haiti following the 33 children kidnapped in Haiti by a group of missionaries from the U.S.. They say these children are orphans, but after they traced still have parents.

It's Over.... the U.S. on Military Gay Ban

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon set new rules that would allow gays and lesbians to serve the United States military (U.S.). But apparently this rule will only be completed several months ahead.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the withdrawal of U.S. military policy regarding homosexuals. Cancellation policy "Do not Ask, Do not Tell" is scheduled to be approved by the party congress this month. So reported Reuters on Wednesday (12/22/2010).

Since 1993 and the policy "Do not Ask, Do not Tell"was issued by the Pentagon to accept homosexuals into the military. This policy requires that among the lovers of this kind of cover up their sexual orientation, if break then immediately removed from unity.

To date, approximately 13 thousand gay and lesbian soldiers have been expelled from the military, due to violation of these rules.

Defense Secretary Roberts Gates supports repeal the gay ban into U.S. military service. This policy is one key to Obama's presidential campaign, before he was elected president.

With this repeal, the Pentagon must now draft the rules that strengthen the implementation of the policy. The Pentagon would then make the rules of how these soldiers would be trained, including disciplinary procedures for them.

This plan will likely take a long time to implement, given the team working keranka the Pentagon still continues to make the draft rules. The team is also proposing the separation of bathroom facilities for gay soldiers.

Again, grandson Queen of England in 2011 Will Marry Wedding Princess Zara new possibilities made after marriage between Prince William

Good news for the British Empire. After Prince William announces his wedding next year, now turn Princess Zara Phillips plans to get married in 2011. As such, Queen Elizabeth II next year will witness the second marriage grandson.

Zara is the son of Princess Anne, who is Prince William's aunt. The 29-year-old woman was spoken for by a rugby player, Mike Tindall, Tuesday, December 21, 2010. They both, according to the Daily Star newspaper, also plans to get married in 2011.

Although the date has not been ascertained, appear among the British media estimated that Zara wedding will take place after the wedding with her fiance William, Kate Middleton, on 29 April 2011.

According to the British monarchy system, Zara ranks 12th as the heir to the throne of the kingdom, while William was second, exactly after Prince Charles, who is his father.

However, Anne wanted her daughter to be normal citizens and do not need to bother with the inheritance rights of the royal throne. "I was very surprised when Mike applied for, but I am very pleased," said Zara as quoted from page

Tindall, is a gentleman born in Yorkshire. His father was a regional manager of a bank and his mother a social worker in LEED. He admitted that he was very happy when Zara accept his proposal. "I am very pleased Zara wanted to marry me. We both look forward to a new stage in our lives, "he said.

Pharaoh's Tomb Discovery Pimps It's a bright spot for the fifth and sixth dynasties searches Kingdom Ancient Egypt

Exactly two years ago, an Egyptian archaeologist announced the discovery of two tombs are 4,300 years old. The discovery is located in an ancient burial site of Saqqara, Egypt.

These findings indicate that the tomb complex which is located about 30 kilometers south of Cairo is more extensive than expected so far. Similarly, said Zahi Hawass, the senior archaeologist who announced the discovery, as reported by the Associated Press

Stone tomb was built for important figures. One of the tombs believed to belong to an engineer in charge of making holes basic building pyramids (tombs king). Meanwhile, the other tomb is for a woman who becomes a pimp for the women entertainers pharaoh - the name for ancient Egyptian kings.

"We announce a great and important discoveries at Saqqara, the discovery of two tombs from 4,300 years ago," Hawass said as he guided journalists around the complex, yesterday. "The discovery of two tombs of this is the beginning of the discovery of vast cemetery complex," said Hawass.

Hawass, who heads the Heritage Council of Egyptian Antiquities, said that the excavation will continue and are expected to cast light on the fifth and sixth dynasty who ruled the ancient kingdom of more than four thousand years ago.

One of the two tomb has a width of about a yard and 2.75 yards long. Beyond the written description of the person named Yaamat, to the man's tomb was built. The second tomb has a size two times larger than the first tomb, including engraving and a picture of women in a sitting position.

Excavations at Saqqara has been going on for about 150 years, opened wide nekropolis pyramids, tombs, and burial complex which is mainly derived from the Old Kingdom, including the Roman era sites.

New discoveries continue to be done. In November 2008, Hawass announced the discovery of the pyramid at Saqqara. The pyramid is a pyramid to-18 found in Egypt and that the special-12 was found in Saqqara.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Threatens to Attack Christians

BAGHDAD - Al Qaeda's international terrorist group in Iraq issued a threat to carry out attacks against Iraqi Christians. They demanded the release of two women who claimed to be detained by the Egyptian Coptic Church, was released.

The threat was issued by the group The Islamic State of Iraq, in a commonly used website on Tuesday 21 December. Website itself is commonly used by militant groups, to spread the threat. So reported the Associated Press on Wednesday (12/22/2010).

This group issued a threat against the Christian citizens of Iraq, after the claims of the Egyptian militant group that claimed there were two women detained by the Egyptian Coptic Church. The Church is considered forcing both women to embrace converts to Christianity.

Threat message is also addressed to the Iraqi Christian community to put pressure on the Egyptians.

Such threats are already supposed to be the Iraqi Government's attention, considering that this group had previously been behind a series of terror attacks in Iraq.

One of the attacks carried out by groups affiliated to Al Qaeda was the invasion of a church in Baghdad some time ago. Approximately 68 people were reported killed. This attack sparked 1,000 families displaced Iraqi Christians out of Iraq.

Beautiful Moon Eclipse Visible Process According to NASA, a total lunar eclipse lasts about three hours and thirty minutes

Lunar eclipse took place and looks beautiful in some places. This is the last lunar eclipse this year.

According to the U.S. space agency (Nasa), a total lunar eclipse lasts about three hours and thirty minutes. The process looks at the eclipse started at 1:33, Tuesday morning December 21, 2010 pesisi eastern U.S. time (ET), or on Tuesday noon CST. The eclipse ends at 5:01 ET, or Tuesday evening hrs.

Eclipses this year coincides with the time point at the winter solstice (winter solstice). The same event occurred in 1638.

"For the eclipse observer, this means that the moon appears very high in the night sky, solstice when it also marks the time when the Earth's axial tilt is the farthest from the sun," NASA said in a statement, as quoted by CNN.

The observers expressed admiration for the beauty of a lunar eclipse this year. "Month, visible red, very good," said Adam Goodman in Toronto, Canada, while expressing an impression through the page Twitter.

However, some are frustrated at not being able to see the eclipse of the moon, because the weather is not favorable. "Thanks to the cloudy sky so I can not see the eclipse. I accidentally woke up at three in the morning but it's useless," grunted Seth Pelletier, a resident of the city of Utah, USA.

Lunar eclipse occurs when part or in whole cross-section covered by the shadow of the earth's moon. It happened when the earth is between the sun and moon on the same single straight line, so that sunlight can not reach the moon because it is blocked by the earth.

According to NASA, the moon will appear to change color as they undergo eclipse, from gray to orange or maroon. "Layer of the atmosphere filter out blue light, giving rise to many shades of red and orange," says NASA.

When the weather is sunny, a lunar eclipse that will be presenting a beautiful scenery. According to page, these rare events can be witnessed in some areas.

A total area of which in all places North and South America, as well as in northern and western Europe and in some regions in Northeast Asia, including Korea and Japan. Total lunar eclipse can also be seen in the North Island, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

This eclipse process can take about more than 3 hours when the Moon enters umbra, the shadow of the core which is in the middle of a very dark during a lunar eclipse.

Ask the Chinese human rights activists Stop Child Restriction Policy

BEIJING - An activist group of human rights (human rights) in China has requested the abolition of the policy of "one child" that aims to control the population. The group also called this policy as a means of harassment against women. They also said the implementation of this policy does not run evenly.

In a report entitled "I Have No Choice for Body of My Own," China's human rights activist based in Hong Kong is strongly opposed to all acts of abortion, sterilization, birth control and the planting of a forced pregnancy testing. Similarly, reported by AFP on Wednesday (12/22/2010).

"This policy has encouraged violence against women. There is some evidence that local officials to abuse because they appear to impose a quota (limit family members) that they want to achieve," said the director of the activist groups Renee Xia.

China to implement this policy since 1980 to control its population. China's current population is the largest in the world with more than 1.3 million people.

Through this policy, China limited to family who live in cities have one child only. While people living in rural areas are allowed to have two children, provided their first child a girl.

"It does not matter if a family is allowed to have one or two children. What we do not like is the way the government impose his will. Coercion is done not only to the number of children may be born, but also on prevention methods should be done," said Xia.

According to Xia, the policies that affect hundreds of millions of Chinese people is a serious violation of Chinese people's right to make reproductions.

Based on these reports, the implementation of this policy has been implemented unevenly. People in some areas have incentives to control pregnancy. But in several other areas controlled by fines pregnancy.

Despite Alert, Bromo Still Dangerous

SURABAYA - The status of Mount Bromo is derived from the standby alert. Nevertheless, East Java provincial government appealed to residents and visitors to remain vigilant.

The reduced status of sea sand mountain is marked by Mount Bromo unerlarger safe distance of 3 kilometers to 2 kilometers.

Agency and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center Vulkanoligi Goeologi (PVMBG), as quoted from the site, Monday (06/12/2010) also asked the people around Bromo for calm and not provoked the issues concerning the eruption of aftershocks.

However, residents are also asked to remain vigilant if at any time will still be found several eruptions in a short duration. Public advised not to enter the area within a radius of 2 km from the active crater that is sea of sand.

PVMBG in this case has asked the Government to immediately put Probolinggo district boards in the ocean sand warning that states the limit radius of 2 km from the crater, as well as coordinating with the Observation Post in the village of Mount Bromo Ngadisari, Cemoro Lawang, Sub Sukapura, Probolinggo district.

Teacher 61 Year 14 Year reckless dating girl

LOS ANGELES - A man from the United States (U.S.) who works as an English teacher in Cambodia faces charges of up to nine years in prison. The demand was filed after a man caught often go abroad for dating a girl who just 14 years old. He also invited the girl caught having sex.

The man named Michael Dodd is required 104 months imprisonment and a fine of Rp85 million or approximately USD9.500 by District Judge John Walter in Los Angeles.

Judge Walter said Dodd is one of the accused of the most intricate ever handled.

This 61-year-old man was found guilty last September after traveling to Cambodia for sex with underage girls.

As reported by the Associated Press on Tuesday (21/12/2010), Dodd has denied abusing the girl. She states have plans to marry the girl.

The prosecution said that Dodd had sexual intercourse with a girl on 25 occasions. He also claimed to have given the girl's family a sum of $ 50 or approximately Rp450 thousand every two weeks.

Dodd admitted to having received permission from the family of the girl to visit her

Wow, Germany This Dog 17 Child Birth

BERLIN - A dog in Germany gave birth to 17 children at once. The Parent was fatigue after feeding the whole child.

The owner of a dog, Ramona Wegemann, said she almost did not sleep because it's always disturbed some this weekend. He was also exhausted from fighting for all the children Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed can survive.

According Wagemann, when the parent gives the dog the milk last, the first dog back hungry.

Dogs Wegemann, Etana, gave birth to eight females and nine males on 28 September in Ebereschenhof, near Berlin.

At least in a day nursing her five times. Even if they are not hungry, comforted the dog needs the parent.

"The birth of this very special dog. Everything is born naturally, so do not perform Caesarean," he said.

Etana spent 26 hours to give birth to all children. Reports the Associated Press, Tuesday (12/21/2010).

Wegemann give the name of Africa for his dogs, because dogs are hunting dogs of Africa.

However Wegemann will sell some of the puppy. This is to help get money and cover expenses for the dogs.

He expects to get approximately Rp14 million per dog, but he will only give these dogs to families who have children, not a dog breeder.

Irfan Bachdim New Idol on Twitter

JAKARTA - God playing Indonesian national team soccer player Irfan Bachdim against Malaysia in the AFF Suzuki Cup match Wednesday night's stunning success millions of soccer enthusiasts homeland. Not only a new idol in the world of football, in the virtual world even thousands of people are captivated.

For instance, the social networking site Twitter account their address at @ irfanbachdim10 until this afternoon had attracted 30 thousand more of his followers. In fact, before the match between Indonesia and Malaysia starting players against mulatto Indonesia and the Netherlands this has only 5 thousands of followers only.

Legal traced on Thursday (02/12/2010), when the match started that night was even until he scored the last goal for the national team of Indonesia, the number of followers on Twitter jumped like crazy. Over the last 15 hours, your Twitter account has been increased no fewer than 25 thousand followers. This means that, if calculated, the average per minute followers account @ irfanbachdim10 increased 150 accounts.

Most players who become followers Persema Malang balanced between men and women, that men were more interested in the style of play and processing speed of the round leather. While women, mostly interested in the beauty of this 22-year-old boy.

Even last night in the Tropics trending list name Irfan and Christian Gonzalez had entered into the top 10 names lively discussion. No one does that Irfan Bachdim now become a new idol Twitter citizens in Indonesia.

Diselusuri further, including the diligent Irfan interact in microblogging service, is visible from a diligent tweet greet followernya, though not all. But for you ladies, prepare to heartbreak, because not infrequently Irfan tweet romantic things to her boyfriend, who has an account @ jenniferbachdim.

Porn movie played at Bangladesh airport

DHAKA - Users International Airport were surprised by the twisted porn movie. The film was even shown on the big screen, spread on the main airport in Bangladesh.

Hundreds of thousands of prospective passengers and airport visitors made shocked by the incident that occurred in this Shahjalal International Airport. Porn film was screened for five minutes on Friday, December 17 am local time.

Of course, it may shock many people, because usually the big screen was showing a documentary film about the culture and geography of Bangladesh.

This incident is certainly a great embarrassment to the airport manager of Bangladesh, considering this country is known as a conservative Muslim traditions.

As a result of this wide-screen operator was given a sentence because he was responsible for the affairs of screening.
"The operator has been jailed for two months. We also call the cable television operators to investigate the incident," said Siddiqa Akhter Bangladesh authorities told AFP on Monday (20/12/2010).

Akhter added, it continues to find out whether there is criminal intent involved in this incident.

North Korea Wants Nuclear War with South Korea

SEOUL - North Korea (North Korea) again warned its neighbors South Korea (ROK) on the involvement of nuclear weapons in war the two countries. According to the North Korea nuclear war only a matter of time.

"South Korea's war policy that is too rash, making war a big war on the Korean Peninsula is only a matter of time," North Korean government statement Uriminzokkiri official website, as quoted by AFP on Friday (17/12/2010).

"When the war finally broke out, would trigger a nuclear war and of course the war is not only focused on the Korean Peninsula," continued the statement.

While in other commentary, Rodong Sinmun newspaper described the condition of North Korean peninsula today is like the most dangerous places in the world.

"The Korean Peninsula is the most dangerous region today and threatened a major war,"said Rodong Sinmun. "This is the fruit of the involvement of the United States (U.S.) who continue to urge the policy of aggression to the North," said Rodong Sinmun.

Since the warming of relations between the two artillery attack North Korea after 23 November and then to South Korea, Kim Jong-Il Affairs continues to spread the threat of nuclear war. Although regarded as a mere bluff, it is worth worrying about because the North's suspected nuclear weapons advanced.

Assange is like Mick Jagger

LONDON - The founder WikiLeaks Julian Assange do attract the

attention of many people today. But according to a friend,

Assange do attract the attention of many parties, especially

women as well as the legendary band lead singer of the

Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger.

"Many women are attracted to Assange, generally after a few

minutes to meet with him they would offer themselves on

Assange," said co Assange told AFP on Monday (20/12/2010).

"These women like like groupies (big fan) who are fond of

figures such as Mick Jagger and Assange took advantage of

it," continued co-Assange.

This makes the 39-year-old man was trapped in a rape case in

Sweden. According to colleagues Assange unidentified, the two

women in Sweden who cast the Assenge rape charges, pleaded

not going to report to police if it Assange willing to

perform an HIV test.

Assange refused to conduct such tests because he was

blackmailed by two women. Assange colleagues who will also

testify to a rape case was admitted, the allegations of rape

had nothing to do with the efforts the United States (U.S.)

to discredit Assange.

But in the end Assange willing to perform HIV testing and

other sexual diseases tests. Mark Stephen, a lawyer in

England Assange ensure clients are not suffering from any

sexually transmitted diseases.