Face WikiLeaks, CIA Forms Special Unit Interestingly, when abbreviated, the name of the task force was impressed vulgar.

Government of the United States (U.S.) with a furious lunge kick WikiLeaks, a leaked diplomatic memos berkatagori secret since the end of November. Thus, the CIA's intelligence agency formed a special task force to monitor the well designing appropriate measures to overcome WikiLeaks.

According to the Washington Post, gugas task called WikiLeaks Task Force. Interestingly, when abbreviated, the name of the task force was to be WTF.

Abbreviation name of this task force eventually to the attention of mass media. The reason, in the lingua franca, WTF is a negative connotation and vulgar, because it stands for, sorry, What The Fuck.

In English-speaking countries, the word is generally used as an expression of surprise in response to something, usually uttered in a tone swore.

According to the daily The Guardian, WTF team led by anti-terrorism division, but also involve staff among divisions in the body of the CIA. 24-member team was assigned to monitor hundreds of thousands of documents, released by WikiLeaks gradually every day as well as analyze the negative impact of the memo that was leaked.

The investigation is mainly done to see the effect WikiLeaks CIA relations with several countries. Because the number of memos that published the offending WikiLeaks is confidential and CIA operations.

"The director ordered the task force is to check to see if the latest leaked document on the WikiLeaks affect its foreign relations or CIA operations," said CIA spokesman, George Little, Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

Retired CIA agent, who did not want to be named, said that intelligence institutions that have never let the documents they have accessible to outsiders. "They did not even make things accessible to outsiders, that some CIA system works," he said.


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