It's Over.... the U.S. on Military Gay Ban

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon set new rules that would allow gays and lesbians to serve the United States military (U.S.). But apparently this rule will only be completed several months ahead.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the withdrawal of U.S. military policy regarding homosexuals. Cancellation policy "Do not Ask, Do not Tell" is scheduled to be approved by the party congress this month. So reported Reuters on Wednesday (12/22/2010).

Since 1993 and the policy "Do not Ask, Do not Tell"was issued by the Pentagon to accept homosexuals into the military. This policy requires that among the lovers of this kind of cover up their sexual orientation, if break then immediately removed from unity.

To date, approximately 13 thousand gay and lesbian soldiers have been expelled from the military, due to violation of these rules.

Defense Secretary Roberts Gates supports repeal the gay ban into U.S. military service. This policy is one key to Obama's presidential campaign, before he was elected president.

With this repeal, the Pentagon must now draft the rules that strengthen the implementation of the policy. The Pentagon would then make the rules of how these soldiers would be trained, including disciplinary procedures for them.

This plan will likely take a long time to implement, given the team working keranka the Pentagon still continues to make the draft rules. The team is also proposing the separation of bathroom facilities for gay soldiers.


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