Pharaoh's Tomb Discovery Pimps It's a bright spot for the fifth and sixth dynasties searches Kingdom Ancient Egypt

Exactly two years ago, an Egyptian archaeologist announced the discovery of two tombs are 4,300 years old. The discovery is located in an ancient burial site of Saqqara, Egypt.

These findings indicate that the tomb complex which is located about 30 kilometers south of Cairo is more extensive than expected so far. Similarly, said Zahi Hawass, the senior archaeologist who announced the discovery, as reported by the Associated Press

Stone tomb was built for important figures. One of the tombs believed to belong to an engineer in charge of making holes basic building pyramids (tombs king). Meanwhile, the other tomb is for a woman who becomes a pimp for the women entertainers pharaoh - the name for ancient Egyptian kings.

"We announce a great and important discoveries at Saqqara, the discovery of two tombs from 4,300 years ago," Hawass said as he guided journalists around the complex, yesterday. "The discovery of two tombs of this is the beginning of the discovery of vast cemetery complex," said Hawass.

Hawass, who heads the Heritage Council of Egyptian Antiquities, said that the excavation will continue and are expected to cast light on the fifth and sixth dynasty who ruled the ancient kingdom of more than four thousand years ago.

One of the two tomb has a width of about a yard and 2.75 yards long. Beyond the written description of the person named Yaamat, to the man's tomb was built. The second tomb has a size two times larger than the first tomb, including engraving and a picture of women in a sitting position.

Excavations at Saqqara has been going on for about 150 years, opened wide nekropolis pyramids, tombs, and burial complex which is mainly derived from the Old Kingdom, including the Roman era sites.

New discoveries continue to be done. In November 2008, Hawass announced the discovery of the pyramid at Saqqara. The pyramid is a pyramid to-18 found in Egypt and that the special-12 was found in Saqqara.


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