Beautiful Moon Eclipse Visible Process According to NASA, a total lunar eclipse lasts about three hours and thirty minutes

Lunar eclipse took place and looks beautiful in some places. This is the last lunar eclipse this year.

According to the U.S. space agency (Nasa), a total lunar eclipse lasts about three hours and thirty minutes. The process looks at the eclipse started at 1:33, Tuesday morning December 21, 2010 pesisi eastern U.S. time (ET), or on Tuesday noon CST. The eclipse ends at 5:01 ET, or Tuesday evening hrs.

Eclipses this year coincides with the time point at the winter solstice (winter solstice). The same event occurred in 1638.

"For the eclipse observer, this means that the moon appears very high in the night sky, solstice when it also marks the time when the Earth's axial tilt is the farthest from the sun," NASA said in a statement, as quoted by CNN.

The observers expressed admiration for the beauty of a lunar eclipse this year. "Month, visible red, very good," said Adam Goodman in Toronto, Canada, while expressing an impression through the page Twitter.

However, some are frustrated at not being able to see the eclipse of the moon, because the weather is not favorable. "Thanks to the cloudy sky so I can not see the eclipse. I accidentally woke up at three in the morning but it's useless," grunted Seth Pelletier, a resident of the city of Utah, USA.

Lunar eclipse occurs when part or in whole cross-section covered by the shadow of the earth's moon. It happened when the earth is between the sun and moon on the same single straight line, so that sunlight can not reach the moon because it is blocked by the earth.

According to NASA, the moon will appear to change color as they undergo eclipse, from gray to orange or maroon. "Layer of the atmosphere filter out blue light, giving rise to many shades of red and orange," says NASA.

When the weather is sunny, a lunar eclipse that will be presenting a beautiful scenery. According to page, these rare events can be witnessed in some areas.

A total area of which in all places North and South America, as well as in northern and western Europe and in some regions in Northeast Asia, including Korea and Japan. Total lunar eclipse can also be seen in the North Island, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

This eclipse process can take about more than 3 hours when the Moon enters umbra, the shadow of the core which is in the middle of a very dark during a lunar eclipse.


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