OMG ! Madonna Attract Men ' teenage'

Again and again he popped aka Madonna attracted a younger man. Brahim Zaibat man, now officially become her lover. Zaibat was a dancer in France.

Recently, the pop diva was spotted having dinner with his girlfriend at the Wolseley restaurant, London. When out of the restaurant, Madonna and Zaibat face looks flushed.

Seeing many interpreters news block, these lovers spontaneously separate themselves away from the camera shots. The 52-year artist's face also looks tired.

A witness anonymity, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, saw the couple went home, and into two separate cars.
The 28-year age difference, not making them awkward. They seem intimate.

In an interview, the couple said first met and met on the show clothing label owned by Madonna, last September.

Zaibat, feeling no doubt closer and deeper relationship with the diva. He even felt comfortable, could relate to older women such as Madonna.

"He's very good. Not scary like a monster, like a lot of people say. He's just an ordinary woman, who happens to have popularity, talent and fame," said Brahim Zaibat when interviewed Grazia Magazine.


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