So Haiti Orphans 'Christmas Gift' in France 113 Haitian orphans adopted by families in France. "A very nice Christmas gift."

More than 100 orphaned children in Haiti was flown to France Wednesday, December 22, 2010 to meet their new families. This happy family says these children are the Christmas gift came early.
Children who lose their parents in the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year a new winter coat is applied brightly colored. Some of them wrapped in thick blankets while landing at the airport Charles de Gaulle in the worst winter in Europe.

A total of 113 orphans adopted by families in France it is a fortunate than thousands of other orphans in Haiti.

Reportedly, Haiti earthquake killed about 230,000 people, and injuring 300,000, one million people also lost their homes. Meanwhile, thousands of children became orphans at once.

Launch from page Associated Press, the French government has rented a special plane for a family in France who would adopt the children of Haiti. Mother adoption, Isabella Frapat, chose a 15-month-old child named Mael, which he embraced with a hug.

"This is true happiness and it all happens at Christmas time," said Frapat.

"Christmas Gifts a very, very good," said the father of adoption, barque Partube.

The arrival of these orphans are the first arrival of the 300 orphans who will arrive in France. They'll begin his life as a French citizen upon arrival at the airport. The next flight is expected to be done tomorrow.

Adoption by the French people finally realized this after his family urged the government to accelerate the adoption of bureaucratic procedures.

Previously, the issue of international adoptions become a sensitive issue in Haiti following the 33 children kidnapped in Haiti by a group of missionaries from the U.S.. They say these children are orphans, but after they traced still have parents.


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