Assange is like Mick Jagger

LONDON - The founder WikiLeaks Julian Assange do attract the

attention of many people today. But according to a friend,

Assange do attract the attention of many parties, especially

women as well as the legendary band lead singer of the

Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger.

"Many women are attracted to Assange, generally after a few

minutes to meet with him they would offer themselves on

Assange," said co Assange told AFP on Monday (20/12/2010).

"These women like like groupies (big fan) who are fond of

figures such as Mick Jagger and Assange took advantage of

it," continued co-Assange.

This makes the 39-year-old man was trapped in a rape case in

Sweden. According to colleagues Assange unidentified, the two

women in Sweden who cast the Assenge rape charges, pleaded

not going to report to police if it Assange willing to

perform an HIV test.

Assange refused to conduct such tests because he was

blackmailed by two women. Assange colleagues who will also

testify to a rape case was admitted, the allegations of rape

had nothing to do with the efforts the United States (U.S.)

to discredit Assange.

But in the end Assange willing to perform HIV testing and

other sexual diseases tests. Mark Stephen, a lawyer in

England Assange ensure clients are not suffering from any

sexually transmitted diseases.


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