Wow, Germany This Dog 17 Child Birth

BERLIN - A dog in Germany gave birth to 17 children at once. The Parent was fatigue after feeding the whole child.

The owner of a dog, Ramona Wegemann, said she almost did not sleep because it's always disturbed some this weekend. He was also exhausted from fighting for all the children Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed can survive.

According Wagemann, when the parent gives the dog the milk last, the first dog back hungry.

Dogs Wegemann, Etana, gave birth to eight females and nine males on 28 September in Ebereschenhof, near Berlin.

At least in a day nursing her five times. Even if they are not hungry, comforted the dog needs the parent.

"The birth of this very special dog. Everything is born naturally, so do not perform Caesarean," he said.

Etana spent 26 hours to give birth to all children. Reports the Associated Press, Tuesday (12/21/2010).

Wegemann give the name of Africa for his dogs, because dogs are hunting dogs of Africa.

However Wegemann will sell some of the puppy. This is to help get money and cover expenses for the dogs.

He expects to get approximately Rp14 million per dog, but he will only give these dogs to families who have children, not a dog breeder.


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