Irfan Bachdim New Idol on Twitter

JAKARTA - God playing Indonesian national team soccer player Irfan Bachdim against Malaysia in the AFF Suzuki Cup match Wednesday night's stunning success millions of soccer enthusiasts homeland. Not only a new idol in the world of football, in the virtual world even thousands of people are captivated.

For instance, the social networking site Twitter account their address at @ irfanbachdim10 until this afternoon had attracted 30 thousand more of his followers. In fact, before the match between Indonesia and Malaysia starting players against mulatto Indonesia and the Netherlands this has only 5 thousands of followers only.

Legal traced on Thursday (02/12/2010), when the match started that night was even until he scored the last goal for the national team of Indonesia, the number of followers on Twitter jumped like crazy. Over the last 15 hours, your Twitter account has been increased no fewer than 25 thousand followers. This means that, if calculated, the average per minute followers account @ irfanbachdim10 increased 150 accounts.

Most players who become followers Persema Malang balanced between men and women, that men were more interested in the style of play and processing speed of the round leather. While women, mostly interested in the beauty of this 22-year-old boy.

Even last night in the Tropics trending list name Irfan and Christian Gonzalez had entered into the top 10 names lively discussion. No one does that Irfan Bachdim now become a new idol Twitter citizens in Indonesia.

Diselusuri further, including the diligent Irfan interact in microblogging service, is visible from a diligent tweet greet followernya, though not all. But for you ladies, prepare to heartbreak, because not infrequently Irfan tweet romantic things to her boyfriend, who has an account @ jenniferbachdim.


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