Born Men's, Women's Month Later So

Vereeniging - A couple in South Africa are very excited to welcome their baby boy newly born, but one month later, they found out it turns out the baby is female.

Kenny Hiscock at the beginning of his birth has a male gender, according to a report in The Sun.

But four weeks later, his mother Madeleshia (29) and his father Kenneth (30), felt a strange thing.

They eventually returned to the hospital and perform tests to her baby, until finally they find out that the baby is female.

Enlarged organs due to a rare enzyme deficiency that causes excess production of hormones.

Couples who live in Vereeniging now change the name of the baby with McKenzi and thought to operate on gender.

"The doctor told us that actually McKenzi nor male or female, but still in the middle," said Madeleshia as reported by Orange, on Thursday (12/23/2010).

"But we have a beautiful daughter, and we are very proud to have them,"he concluded


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