Again, grandson Queen of England in 2011 Will Marry Wedding Princess Zara new possibilities made after marriage between Prince William

Good news for the British Empire. After Prince William announces his wedding next year, now turn Princess Zara Phillips plans to get married in 2011. As such, Queen Elizabeth II next year will witness the second marriage grandson.

Zara is the son of Princess Anne, who is Prince William's aunt. The 29-year-old woman was spoken for by a rugby player, Mike Tindall, Tuesday, December 21, 2010. They both, according to the Daily Star newspaper, also plans to get married in 2011.

Although the date has not been ascertained, appear among the British media estimated that Zara wedding will take place after the wedding with her fiance William, Kate Middleton, on 29 April 2011.

According to the British monarchy system, Zara ranks 12th as the heir to the throne of the kingdom, while William was second, exactly after Prince Charles, who is his father.

However, Anne wanted her daughter to be normal citizens and do not need to bother with the inheritance rights of the royal throne. "I was very surprised when Mike applied for, but I am very pleased," said Zara as quoted from page

Tindall, is a gentleman born in Yorkshire. His father was a regional manager of a bank and his mother a social worker in LEED. He admitted that he was very happy when Zara accept his proposal. "I am very pleased Zara wanted to marry me. We both look forward to a new stage in our lives, "he said.


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